Fiwihex is a development company based on proprietary know-how (patents). We develop products to prototype stage. Our objective is to work together with producers and users of Fiwihex technology. We are interested to find launching customers and license manufacturing partners. We want to derive our income from license royalties rather than from manufacturing and sales. We are quite willing to do application research, application engineering and application prototyping.

ir E. van Andel 31-05-1938, senior scientist noor@fiwihex.com
1956-1963 Physics TUDelft, heat exchange
1964-1969 Euratom CCR, Ispra (Italy) direct conversion of energy
1969-1977 Akzo engineering, energy saving in the heavy chemicals division1977-1985 Director Research Akzo Zout Chemie
1985-1999 Director Corporate Research Akzo Nobel
2001 Honorary PhD in Energy innovations, University of Amsterdam

ir E.E. van Andel 27-02-1965, director  eur@fiwihex.com
1985-1993 Physics TU Delft, building a multiprocessor computer
1993-now Director Fiwihex

ir E. van Andel 05/31/1938,  senior scientist   ir E.E. van Andel 02/27/1965,  owner  

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